Body Electric

Yesterday, while I studied I put on Ex Machina’s soundtrack to serve as background music. Naturally, that got me thinking about the film and quick Google searches took me to interesting articles discussing the film, AIs, consciousness, humanity in the future and the resulting gender and biological conversations that brings up; if we are replicating … More Body Electric


I am writing this after my first day of college having, in the past few days, acquired immense knowledge to expedite. My first day was terrible. Not completely, no. It started out promising. My aunt took me in for orientation and stayed with me. A couple of guys talked to me (ah, the straight girl … More SCHOOL DAZE pt. 1

How I Imagine Adulthood | Today In Fiction Writing

Did he deserve her? He sure didn’t. She was the antithesis of a deserved fate—she couldn’t be regarded as a punishment for wrongdoing. Yet, people were still asking, gloved hands caressing firm chins, if he deserved her. If he deserved to be taken away from all he loved (oh yes, and didn’t he love) just … More How I Imagine Adulthood | Today In Fiction Writing

A Day To Heal

Today, I needed to heal and so I grabbed my notebook/journal/physical manifestation of my heart, my camera and one of my favorite humans and took a walk in my estate. It was very needed. Once in a while, it is nice to be able to escape from toxic and destructive realities. Usually, I enjoy escaping … More A Day To Heal