1. notice taken of someone or something; the regarding of someone or something as  
              interesting or important.
          2. the action of dealing with or taking special care of someone or something.
Attention-seeker. Center of attention. Why has it become so wrong to seek out attention? Why has it become so behaviorally incorrect to direct attention to oneself, or what one thinks needs to be tended to? Well this edition of Current Affairs is all about giving exposure to things I find important, things that seek everyone’s notice, about attention itself, fame, it’s life span, etc. Enjoy!
In an interview with BuzzFeed, Ayqa said, “I would often receive negative comments from friends and family members who tried to instill this idea that body hair is ‘unnatural to show’ and ‘unfeminine-like’. When this happened, it enforced the idea of how the removal of body hair is just a conditioning act done by society. I began to turn inward and dealt with this frustration creatively.” Her art is celebratory, exclusive to brown bodies that have, since the dawn of time, been marginalized and made to feel ashamed for our natural features.
On her Tumblr, Ayqa wrote, “What has bothered me the most, is not people’s narrow-mindedness, but more so the idea that this isn’t a big deal or issue. If this wasn’t a big deal, there would be no hate. When a FEMALE is attacking another FEMALE on what to do with her body, that is an issue to me. My mother owns a beauty salon where she has made me get waxed ever since I was about 11 because she thought that the hair that was given to my body was “unfeminine”. What bothered me the most was not the pain of getting waxed, but the idea that she thought something natural about me was “gross”. I felt looked at as an object, rather than a HUMAN. People from my school would stare at my thick arm hair in disgust really. And yes, this made me feel really insecure and unworthy.” As someone who has been made to feel like my hairiness is shameful and reproachful, Ayqa’s art is uplifting.
All I have to say is that Rian’s videos fill me with joy. She’s like a fun older sister, inclusive and kind, and she has an amazing style and eye for things. I wish I could link ALL of her videos but I’m just going to link a couple of my favorites:





Incredibly writing incredible things that we need to pay attention to:

SEVENTH GRADE a short film by Stefani Saintonge

FAMOUS FOR BEING FAMOUS a documentary by Will Rebein


As a first year college student, my mental and emotional health has been on the line. I finally came to terms with the fact of my depression, anxiety, and stress. I don’t really have coping mechanisms beyond escapism, and while I do not think running from problems is the way to tackle them, escapism led me to a number of wonderful TV shows that have helped alleviate my moods when I’m down. I’ve watched a number of feel good shows in the past few months and I want to share them here just in case they might help someone.


This was probably my first major feel good show since I began college and I remember weeks on end just caught up in the lives of Fran and the Sheffields. The Nanny is great comedy, great sitcom, great for a down in the dumps kind of person. Also, great fashion.



Okay! So, this show is the best show ever and everyone needs to be watching this! I’m not even joking. I remember last year my friend suggested it to me and from the title, I assumed it wouldn’t be great. Then I watched the trailer and thought, “there’s no way they could base a series off this.” Also, the trailer stressed me out. BUT this year I decided to try it out and, boy, was I all shades of wrong. BEST SHOW EVER: please, get into it. It also has one of the best color palettes  on TV, shocking for the CW, really. ALSO, the color palette is so soothing, so stress reliving. I can’t believe you’re not already watching this!



This show is among the list of 90s shows that should never have been cancelled. But it’s fine because maybe the showrunners would have wrecked the show come season two. Maybe it’s best that we have this capsule of good television. And this show is great. Highly recommend.



Remember how I anticipated Shadowhunters? Well, that was disappointing. However,  Freeform came out with another show this year that is truly great. It definitely has it’s problems but the show is pretty awesome and has mostly been executed incredibly. I watched this over spring break and, again, highly recommend.



From 1999-2000, a show by Ryan Murphy, the creator of Glee, American Horror Story and Scream Queens ran. This witty, unrealistic portrayal of an American high school served me through spring break. It’s stupid, it’s silly, but it’s entertaining.


ZOEY 101

For your 2000s nostalgia…



For more 2000s nostalgia…remember Boy Meets World? Corey and Topanga and Shawn? Yeah, watch this. It’s the new generation with Riley and Maya and Farkle and Lucas and Zay. Seriously, watch this. While the quality of shows on the Disney Channel has tanked, this is a show that I would let my kids watch; it’s fun, funny without being over the top, actual emotional content, stuff to learn, and good acting. Plus, if you missed the cast from Boy Meets World, Corey and Topanga are in this and Shawn and others show up often. Highly recommend.



Fariha Roisin is on a new podcast with Kiva Reardon where they talk about films in a nuanced and wholesome way.


We have a double standard, which is to say, a man can show how much he cares by being violent — see, he’s jealous, he cares — a woman shows how much she cares by how much she’s willing to be hurt; by how much she will take; how much she will endure.

                                                                                         – Andrea Dworkin


My writing is featured in the latest issue of The Coalition Zine so pick it up here.

Well, that’s all folks. Hope you enjoy all these as much as I do. Hope you find paying attention to people, things, etc. rewarding! Have a good week!


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