Body Electric

Yesterday, while I studied I put on Ex Machina’s soundtrack to serve as background music. Naturally, that got me thinking about the film and quick Google searches took me to interesting articles discussing the film, AIs, consciousness, humanity in the future and the resulting gender and biological conversations that brings up; if we are replicating humanity, are we also going to replicate the social failures (sexism) that limited thinking of biology and gender have brought? The way female robots—fembots—and femininity are explored in science fiction is always through the male gaze, that even the worlds we create should be fraught by these same biases us humans encounter. Questions like these and many more are explored in the following articles:

  1. Ex Machina Has A Serious Fembot Problem by Angela Watercutter
  2. Ex Machina Explores The Thrill (and Horror) of Romantic Uncertainty by David Sims
  3. Bodies Electric: Ex Machina Twists The History of Sexy Robots by Emily Roshida

The last article includes a link to a discussion of female objectification in video games.

And to round up this discussion on female bodies, here is an important article from Fariha Roisin: The Brown Girl’s Paradox: We’re Both Invisible And Sexualized


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